Meet Michael

In his role at PlaceMKR, Michael supports the Head of Development and managing principals in many functions across our projects, looking for unique opportunities to ensure goals are met.

Before joining our team, he served as the Director of Development at a vertically integrated real estate fund start-up. He not only lead acquisition and development projects but also oversaw operations. Prior to that, Michael started his own firm, where he provided brokerage and asset management services for investment partners.

When helping to change the landscape of Austin, you can find Michael engaging with what he calls the “typical pleasures in life,” which include travel, health & fitness, music, the outdoors, and Formula One racing. He loves to learn, particularly through documentaries, and researches all products he’s interested in.

When asked why he’s passionate about placemaking, Michael said:
“I believe the mixture of design, architecture, commerce, and habitat can have a generational impact (positive and negative) on people and communities. Understanding and having a part to play in that responsibility demands discipline and a thoughtful approach that I enjoy being a part of.”

4 Questions with Michael

What was your first job?

I worked in my parent’s convenience store ever since I was a kid all the way through high school. Working there taught me every lesson to learn about hard work as we also had a deli. I would often have to work my birthday and holidays when employees would call in and remember working one Easter Sunday when one of my friends came in with their family from church. It was a humbling experience at the time, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

What podcast or book are you currently obsessed with?

I’m currently reading “Raising the Bar: The Life and Work of Gerald D. Hines” which is very inspiring, but I would say the two books that have been the most impactful and life-changing to me so far are: Think and Grow Rich, and The Four Agreements.

What non-PlaceMKR achievement are you most proud of?

I cycled from San Francisco to Washington D.C. one summer to raise funds and awareness for people with disabilities.

What is your favorite place?

Barcelona, Spain. To me, Barcelona has everything for a great place – architecture, culture, food, and people. You could find yourself lost, yet never feel lost. My friends and I would stumble on a small café through a narrow alley or find a random square where lots of people had gathered and were enjoying the day. Feeling all that energy come together made for a memory I will never forget.