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PlaceMKR Announces the Hiring of Michael Hang as Development Associate

The burgeoning commercial real estate investment and development company based out of Austin, Texas, has announced the hiring of Michael Hang as Development Associate.

Michael previously worked as the Director of Development at Premium Property Trust, a private real estate fund located in Birmingham, Alabama, which is vertically integrated firm across construction, property management, and award-winning architecture and interior design. Michael’s previous focus included spearheading one of Birmingham’s largest mixed-use and hospitality projects, along with the acquisition and management of strategic office, retail, and multi-family assets in excess of $75 million. Michael will be relocating to Austin and his past experience aligns well with PlaceMKR’s goal of building a team that can provide multi-market perspectives in placemaking.

“We are excited to bring Michael onboard with the PlaceMKR team. Beyond his extensive background in the commercial real estate development industry, Michael has a desire to elevate collaboration within the community to deliver the desired outcome. His impressive resume and wide-ranging experience made him the obvious choice for this key position.”

– PlaceMKR co-founder Jesse Weber.

With Michael joining the PlaceMKR team, the company will continue to lead the way in commercial and residential property development across the Austin MSA. Michael has a creative passion for development and has the ability to think outside the box, which will help PlaceMKR take a fresh approach to commercial real estate development.

Prior to starting his career in commercial real estate, Michael worked in finance for a Fortune 10 on an accelerated career track, moving around the country to cities such as Colorado Springs, Los Angeles, and Newport Beach before returning to his home state of Alabama. Michael’s ability to communicate his understanding of the Austin real estate market, its players, and the development process showed he had the necessary skills to learn quickly and the tools to succeed as a talented asset to PlaceMKR.

The hiring of Michael as Development Associate for PlaceMKR will bring the company one step closer towards their goals of successfully forming high-integrity investment strategies to forecast the future of Austin commercial real estate. Michael was selected for the position due to his familiarity with commercial development projects, along with his self-motivated and thoughtful approach to project management.

“Michael is a world traveled individual with a true passion for life. From those travels and experiences, he built an acute sense for innovation and best practices that he will bring to our developments, along with his intangible charisma and positive attitude,” said PlaceMKR co-founder Christopher Cortese.

Bringing Michael onto the PlaceMKR team will benefit the communities of Austin as he works diligently to empower populations and create value for investors with his creative development strategies and leadership skills. PlaceMKR is confident that Michael will be a productive and effective addition to the development project team.

PlaceMKR is a passionate team of Austin real estate experts who know where the city is growing and believe in community service through community building. The firm was founded in 2018 to bring a new perspective to commercial real estate investment and development in Austin. The company stands out with a state-of-the-art multi-faceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces that capitalizes on a local community’s assets, inspiration, and potential, to create industry-leading public spaces that promote overall wellness and happiness of the residents.

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