Our Strategy

Combining unmatched market expertise, relationships with local stakeholders, and high-integrity investment strategies to forecast the future of Austin commercial real estate.


OUR PHILOSOPHY Investing in Communities.
Not Just Properties.

We believe in investing at the intersection of culture and commerce, seeking out Path of Progress investments that empower populations and enrich investors.

As our name suggests, the power of placemaking is at the forefront of our minds as we deploy conscious capital across the greater Austin area. We strive to thoughtfully stoke the flames of creativity in the communities we touch, building spaces reflective of the surrounding area and inspirational to those who will interact with them.

To us, unconventional strategies yield uncommon returns for all involved. We prove that social impact is possible by developing empowering properties.

Our Strategy

How We Bring Our Vision to Life

To move in lock-step with a city growing as fast as Austin, it demands a proactive,
relationship-driven approach. At PlaceMKR, we:

  1. Follow Market Movement &
    Demographic Migration

  2. Track Corporate
    Relocation & Job Creation

  3. View the Market Through the
    Lens of Corporate Site Selection

  4. Keep Our Finger on the Pulse
    of the Market at the Street Level

Our Investment Mandate

Full-Service Commercial Real Estate Investment with an Eye for Innovation

Principal Protection

Our priorities are simple – we emphasize protecting principal above profitability, creating low risk/high reward opportunities.


Aligned Interest

PlaceMKR management invests alongside each investment partner, meaning we have a vested interest in every decision made.


Investment Profile

We target properties that offer uncommon returns with long-term upside by zeroing in on untapped Opportunity Zones.


The Power of the
Path of Progress

In a city generating tremendous out-of-state interest like Austin, a Path of Progress strategy is required to be a driver of change rather than a responder to it. PlaceMKR synthesizes market expertise, deep market connections, and adept demographic analysis to forecast where growth will happen next and how to leverage those opportunities to the fullest.

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Opportunity Zones

The designated Opportunity Zones across Austin present the unique opportunity to maximize the impact of and return on an investment.

These areas of promising rebirth allow us to execute on our mission of social impact and placemaking in the purest and most lucrative sense.

See Austin’s Opportunity Zones