Meet Heath

As President of Construction for PlaceMKR, Heath Willms brings over 25 years of Multifamily Construction experience to the company.  Having primarily built in Texas for the past 17 years, Mr. Willms  focuses on the preconstruction, budgeting and execution of all vertical construction.  Prior to PlaceMKR, his project list includes over 29 separate sites, including more than 10,000 Class A apartment units.  The project costs and budgets under his care have totaled more than $1.5 Billion.

Mr. Willms believes that collaboration and an ability to work cohesively to an achievable end goal is paramount to the success of any project.  From site selection, to Value Engineering and finally C of O’s, Mr. Willms develops and maintains the partnerships necessary for winning at every stage.

With humble beginnings as an Assistant Superintendent in 1998, Heath has consistently shown the desire and drive to succeed at every level.  The pride in seeing the results of the production every day, continue to motivate him to repeat the positives and quickly learn from the challenges.  Pivoting and adjusting as necessary to achieve the final product.

Why Placemaking?

“The drive and passion to remain successful and highly relevant in the market are important to the entire team. It is exciting to be part of a group that understands the value of collaboration and teamwork.”




5 Questions with Heath

How do you kick-off a productive morning?

Our Nespresso… period.

What was your first job?

At Burger King, I was the ‘Fry Guy,’ and I found success in the true sense of the title, as I consistently smelled like French fries, whether I was at work or not.

What podcast/book are you currently obsessed with?

I have read all of the ‘Terminal List’ Series but definitely also enjoy learning and expanding self-knowledge and improvement.

What non-PlaceMKR achievement are you most proud of?

Probably the biggest thing would be my current path of self-development and improvement: growth in my faith, working out, and quitting nicotine.

What is your favorite place anywhere and why?

Anywhere on Thursday nights is fair game! It’s ‘date night’ with my wife, and we enjoy all that Austin has to offer.